The company ROLOFOL a.s. is very aware of the need to protect the environment and develops and produces its products so that they affect the environment as little as possible. The company ROLOFOL a.s. as the leader of plastics producers in the Czech Republic introduces its products on the market in compliance with the policy of low emission burden to the environment. The premium product that extremely saves the environment is the series of products ROLOfilm XT.

Kyoto protocol

Within the negotiations of Kyoto protocol decided the participating countries on 10.12.1997 to permanently decrease the emissions of gases that cause the heating of the Earth atmosphere. For this purpose there was introduced the concept “Potential of global warming” that is expressed by joined equivalent emissions of CO2. This figure displays how much CO2 has been produced during all measured phases of the life cycle. The word “equivalent” means that there are also emissions of other greenhouse gases of which greenhouse effect is re-calculated to the level of CO2 effect.

Emissions generated by a production of 1 kg LLDPE = 1,89 kg eq in the year 2011

Production of plastics since 1950 in Europe and in the world

Savings by using the low-microne PE plastics

Comparison of PE foils production Europe in 2011 produced 57,000,000 tons of PE foils. By consistent using of XT types of foils there was decreased the consumption of PE foils by 48% to 30 million tons.

Material savings with ROLOfilm XT

Based on tests conducted at particular customers in the period from August to December 2012 the use of ROLOfilm proved the following savings:

Rolofilm XT … hand
Average savings 45 %.

Rolofilm XT M … machine
Average savings 50 %.

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