Basic description

ROLOfilm XT-M was developed in the cooperation with the company DOW on its premium granulate C8.
ROLOfilm XT-Mis an oriented foil with high molecule structure. The orientation happens directly during the the production process, without any subsequent technological operations. Due to the unique way of processing the foil keeps at a minimal thickness a high solidity, optimal Dart-Drop and high resistance to perforation.
ROLOfilm XT-M is thanks to its original construction considered an extraordinarily progressive foil of a new generation.

ROLOfilm XT-M is oriented in the longitudinal direction from 500 μm up to 9 μm. Due to the orientation in the production it keeps its characteristics, for example 17 μm foil pre-stretched by 270% still allows for further stretch by up to 70%.

ROLOfilm XT-M is suitable for packaging of very ragged pallets with high solidity of the package.
Pallet quantity 45 pcs.

Costs of liquidation

ROLOfilm XT is an ecologic foil of the future that decreases the cost of waste liquidation by more that 50%


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