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The company ROLOFOL, a.s. was established in 2001. Seat of the company is in Bordovice near Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, where is also the own area comprising of production, storage and administrative spaces. Besides that ROLOFOL, a.s. realizes the distribution from its storages and storages of its authorized partners within the Czech Republic.

Thanks to its dynamic development the company became already in the first years of its existence one of the leading distributors of stretch foil (LLDPE) for hand and machine pallet packaging of goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The company ROLOFOL,  a.s. puts major emphasis to the satisfaction of its customers and the long term partnership with them. This is ensured especially by supplies of only high quality materials that are thanks to their characteristics suitable also for the most complicated fixing on the pallets. With regard to its machinery equipment the company can offer to its customers a wide range of stretch foils in various thicknesses, stretch ratios, widths and weights of rolls. Besides the production and sales of stretch foil ROLOFOL,  a.s concentrates also on the supplies of heat shrinkable foils (LDPE) for group packaging of goods, covering foils (PE) and Scotch and binding tapes.

ROLOFOL, s.r.o. and its authorized sales partners provide their customers also with the advisory support and services related to the selection and installation of the packaging machines and realize the optimizations of the packaging processes that lead to important cost savings in packaging.

In 2004 ROLOFOL,  a.s. decided to invest into the latest cast technology capable of producing the stretch foil via the method of molding. In September 2005 was this investment successfully completed and ROLOFOL,  a.s. started, as the first one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the production of the stretch foil.

In August 2007 was put into operation the second production line that increased the production of ROLOFOL,  a.s.  from current 5,000 tons to 11,000 tons of stretch foil per year.

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Mobil: +420 605 297 677 E-mail: rolofilm@rolofol.cz