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ROLOFOL a.s. is a Czech producer of LLDPE stretch film for hand or machine packaging. The company is based in Bordovice, Czech Republic. Production goes ahead on cast lines at two plants.
ROLOFOL established as a distributor of stretch film.
ROLOFOL buys production premises of an area of 10,000 m2 in Bordovice and buys its f rst production line the following year.
ROLOFOL installs its f rst cast line in Bordovice and starts own production of stretch film. The capacity of the line is 5,000 tons of film a year.
ROLOFOL buys a second cast line as a result of rising demand. This line is installed in rented production premises in Holešov. The company’s total production capacity therefore rises to 12,000 tons of film a year.
ROLOFOL develops a revolutionary type of film for machine and hand wrapping marked as ROLOfilm XT, which is characterised by its thinness (from 7 microns), high f xation power, tensile strength and its resistance to puncturing.
ROLOFOL provides its clients with a wide range of top-class LLDPE stretch films from hand film (7 – 13 µm) through highly-stretchable machine films (13 to 30 µm) to special films – UV protection, vapour permeable foil, coloured film etc.
ROLOfilm XT has always bright green core!
ROLOfilm XT makes a difference
ROLOfilm XT is
Comparison of wrap of pallet wrapped
by ROLOfilm XT and by standard foil
It is not important how much 1 kg of film costs. What is important is how many pallets you can wrap using 1 kg of film.
Using ROLOfilm XT when wrapping pallets means that you need approx. 50 % less film to wrap a pallet.
The production of ROLOfilm XT film produces the lowest CO2 emissions
per 1 running meter – –50% lower packaging weight corresponds to 50% lower CO2 emissions.
A certif cate for contact with foods guarantees:
- hygiene safety when the film comes into contact with food
- unchanging input material
- unchanging production procedure
Stretchability is not a measure of the quality of film.
If increased, the film becomes soft and does not create
a reliable and safe packaging.

Ordinary highly-stretchable machine film when stretched more than 300 % contracts
from width 500 mm to 250 mm.

ROLOfilm XT has up to 4x higher holding power than the standard hand.
What are the benefits
of ROLOfilm XT?
Savings on the costs of packaging
ROLOfilm XT is strong and thin. An average of 50 % less in comparison with standard films is required in kilograms for wrapping each pallet. There is no need to wrap a pallet with more layers than usual – the same number of running meters of ROLOfilm XT is required as with standard film. Thin film means lower production costs and a lower price for the customer.
Resilient and durable wrap
Thanks to a unique method of processing, ROLOfilm XT maintains its considerable strain capacity and toughness at a minimum thickness. In spite of its thinness, ROLOfilm XT outstrips standard films that are twice as thick in terms of its resilience. Pallet wrapping that uses ROLOfilm XT does not lose its resilience, even when it is exposed to temperatures of up to 50 °C for long periods of time.
The low weight of wrap
Half the thickness means that the goods wrap weighs half as much. Real tests of ROLOfilm XT carried out at prominent partners between 2012 and 2014 proved a reduction in the weight of wrapping of an average of 50 % whilst retaining the same resilience and stability of wrapping.
Protection of goods during transport
Standard film has constant resilience and when the pressure on the film increases when braking or suddenly changing direction during transport it allows goods to move on the pallet. Not so with ROLOfilm XT, whose resilience rises up to four times with rising pressure, thus keeping goods f rmly on the pallet and protecting them from movement, deformation or falling. ROLOfilm XT complies with even the strictest EU standards of safety and protection of goods during transportation.
Environmental protection
The fact that the wrapping is lighter makes a considerable contribution towards preserving the environment. The thickness of ROLOfilm XT is 50 % lower than standard film, meaning half the CO2 emissions during its production. For comparison: 1 kg of produced LLDPE = emissions of 1.9 kg eq CO2. (LLDPE = Linear low density polyethylene, the primary material used in the production of stretch films, including ROLOfilm XT).
Reduced cost of logistics
Twice the number of meters of ROLOfilm XT can be wound on to a single roll due to the fact that it is twice as thin. When buying the same number of meters of film, you need half as many rolls of ROLOfilm XT, meaning you save time and money on ordering, transporting and storing the film. Half the quantity of film also requires half the storage space.
Savings on handling times
The savings you can make on time when changing rolls of ROLOfilm XT-M or ROLOfilm XT-MP on a wrapping machine are important. The fact that up to 2x more meters of ROLOfilm XT-M or ROLOfilm XT-MP can be wound on to a roll reduces the number of times you need to change empty rolls for new ones and makes the wrapping process more f uent and faster.
Certification for contact with foods
ROLOfilm XT is certif ed for direct contact with foods. This means that ROLOfilm XT film can be used at food plants and at premises that require extra-clean surroundings and packaging (ROLOfilm XT film does not release any harmful substances). Certif cation for contact with foods also guarantees the stable and guaranteed quality of ROLOfilm XT stretch film.
ROLOfim – the parameters
Thickness7 – 13 μm8 – 17 μm11 – 17 μm13 – 30 μm
Width100 – 500 mm100 – 500 mm100 – 500 mm100 – 500 mm
Length300 - 600 m1944 – 4130 m1833 – 2856 m1029 – 2375 m
Working stretch (WS)50 – 100 %50 – 90 %120 – 180 %160 – 270 %
Tensile strength (at WS)9 – 16 kg13 – 25 kg13 – 25 kg11 – 30 kg
Food certifcateYESYESYESYES
Packaging6 units per box1 units per box1 units per boxNo box
Units palet (120 x 80 cm)288 rolls45 rolls45 rolls45 rolls
Type of machine-No prestretchWith prestretchWith high prestretch

We also produce fims with UV protection and UV stabilisation, coloured fims and vapour-permeable fims.

Films are made in widths of 100 mm, 125 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm and 500 mm as standard. We can also produce other widths to order.

ROLOfim XT is suitable for hand and machine use alike.

Machine fims ROLOfim XT-M and ROLOfim XT-MP can be used on any wrapping machine. Our technicians will help you choose and test the most appropriate fim for your machine free of charge. Choosing and testing fim on a machine does not take more than 2 hours, in that testing does not disrupt the flency of production.

Machine fim ROLOfim XT-M jsou vhodné pro stacionární stroje bez předepínacího zařízení, nebo s předepínáním do 50 % (například pomocí pevně zabudovaného převodu ozubených kol). Strojní fólie ROLOfim XT-M nahrazují běžně používané strojní fólie o tloušťkách do 35 µm s průtažností 120 až 150 %.

Strojní fólie ROLOfim XT-MP is suitable for stationary machines without prestretching device or those that have prestretching of up to 50 % (for example, using fied built-in gear transmission). ROLOfim XT-M replaces commonly- -used machine fims of a thickness of up to 30 µm and stretch of 120 to 150 %.

Machine fim ROLOfim XT-MP is suitable for stationary machines with prestretching device that uses fied and flent transmission and for dynamic, high-speed machines with roll rotating around the wrapped pallet. These are often demanding operations with a high number of wrapped pallets. ROLOfim XT-MP machine fim replaces machine fims of a thickness 15 – 35 µm with high stretch of up to 300 %. At the same time, it considerably reduces the time needed to wrap the pallets.

Machine fim ROLOfim RP is used everywhere where it is not possible to reduce the prestretching of the fim used, where it is necessary to create a tough, resilient package with high stability level during transport and high resistance to the temperature changes that act on the wrapped pallet.
Comparison of ROLOfilm XT hand film and standard hand film
Thickness of standard filmCorresponding type of ROLOfilm XTThickness of ROLOfilm XTUsersWrapped goods
do 14 μmROLOfilm XT 17 μmfood manufacturers,Chain stores, Internet shopsLight pallets, goods issued from storage in various ways, goods packed in cardboard boxes; cookies, bakery products, clothing, flowers, toilet paper, pallets with crates of goods
15 – 20 μmROLOfilm XT 39 μmWarehouses, logistis companies, light industryMedium-heavy pallets, goods packed in groups and goods packed in cartons or in crates and boxes; meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, diapers, plasti products, electronics
21 – 25 μmROLOfilm XT 511 μmWarehouses, logistis companies, drinks manufacturersHeavy pallets, goods packed in groups and in cartons; books, magazines, furniture, coupling material, glass, sound and thermal insulatin, paints, cosmeti products, liquids and drinks, frozen products
26 μm a víceROLOfilm XT 713 μmManufacturers of building and metallurgical materials, fertiisers, foodsVery heavy pallets, loose goods with sharp edges; building and metallurgical materials, bricks, paving stones, cement, lime, car components, car battries, fertiisers, feed, grain, flour, salt.
Conversion table – number of meters in 1 kg of film
Thickness of film [µm]Width [mm]Weight of 1 m of film[g]Meters from 1 kg of film
75003.22310.6 m
85003.68271.7 m
95004.14241.5 m
105004.60217.4 m
115005.06197.6 m
125005.52181.2 m
135005.98167.2 m
145006.44155.3 m
155006.90144.9 m
165007.36135.9 m
175007.82127.9 m
185008.28120.8 m
195008.74114.4 m
205009.20108.7 m
215009.66103.5 m
2250010.1298.8 m
2350010.5894.5 m
2450011.0490.6 m
2550011.5087.0 m
2650011.9683.6 m
2750012.4280.5 m
2850012.8877.6 m
2950013.3475.0 m
3050013.8072.5 m

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